Automated OFFSIDE detection and GOAL-line technology

The Video Assistant Referee has transformed football and stirred up the stagnant waters. But its involved use and annoying interruptions slow the game down and overshadow its benefits. The Maruzsi System uplifts the VAR to a new level and gives new possibilities to football referees. Its automated offside detection and goal-line technique put a real-time, high-tech decision support tool in the hands of referees, bringing back the lost rhythm and excitement of the game.

Smart flagpole for the linesman

At the front end, the linesman’s flagpole plays a vital role in this innovation. It provides real-time help to the assistant referees by signalling the most important events: the ball passing through the goal and sidelines, and above all, the offside situations. The pole vibrates, beeps, and flashes its coloured LED lights. They tell instantly which line the ball has crossed. When offside is detected, its display shows the computer-generated offside graphic, automatically created when the ball was kicked.

LED bars around the field

In offside situations, or when the ball passes through the goal- the base- or sidelines, a one-meter section of the LED array laid along the field boundaries lights up to show the exact location of the goal, exit or offside area. It gives visual aid to the referees and provides a spectacular view to fans on the site and in front of their TV set.

goal and goal line




Tech behind the system

Thirty-six 4K CCTV cameras are positioned carefully in the stadium to scan the entire field during the game. Camera images are transmitted to high-performance computers, and a custom-developed image analysis software processes the pixels.

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